'Midnight Matchmaking'

Thispainting looks at a sculpture by the 19th Century femaleartist Harriet Hosmer titled ‘Beatrice Cenci’ sculpted in 1857.  This painting expresses the loneliness orisolation that we can often feel in modern society & modern love.  The mobile phone in her hand has beenstrategically placed and the title carefully chosen to create a scenario thatmany of us can relate to.  Relying on ourmobile devices as a companion to make us feel in touch with people can oftentake you further away from reality.  Withadvances in technology and the decrease in community the world can become avery lonely place. See larger Image of the artwork in the gallery HERE.

'Symphony 2020 - Beethoven'

This bust of Beethoven, by Hugo Hagen (1892), istransported to today's world with the addition of large contemporary headphones.His stern expression in combination with the headphones attempts to humorouslyhint his concerns for the life we live today. It helps us connect to ourreality and the newfound ‘Work from Home’ life that many of us find ourselvesin still to this day. It is although Beethoven is sympathising with those whoput their headphones on to ‘work from home’ as the once thrilling &idealistic scenario slowly gets overtaken by the need for real humaninteraction.  Beethoven is one of themost prolific classical musicians in history and there is a possibility thatthat perhaps he finds the synthetic music of today an offense to his ears.  It could be a take on the attempts to escapefrom the struggles of everyday life by drowning out the noise.

It is important to note the irony in thispiece, especially if he were to be listening to music, as Beethoven completelylost his hearing at the age of 44. There are many ways in which you can portraythe artwork but most importantly the art is what you make it and how it speaksto you.

See larger image of the artwork HERE.

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